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The firm TeLC was founded in 1976 by Dipl.-Ing. Albert Kutschelis and named TLC (Technische Lehrmittel Construktion). TLC designs and manufactures test-stands, demonstrators and measuring-equipment as well as models and simulators for a wide range of technical training. Customers are training centers, engineering educational institutes for vocational education, undergraduate teaching and graduate research. In 1984 TLC has taken over the firm HOGRA, a well introduced manufacturer of training equipment in the automotive sector and representative of Plint, Gilkes and Hilton. The signature HOGRA is added to TLC. Since 1988 all the products of TLC & HOGRA are optionally equipped with PC-based data acquisition and control systems. An own department for data acquisition was founded. Own controlling systems and own software have been developed. In 1995 the more important becoming influence of electronic components is incorporated in the enterprise logo which is now TeLC (Technical eLectronic Constructions). The former meaning of TLC is still surviving. Since 1998 the enterprise TeLC is represented in the Internet with its domain The following table contains a list of subjects in which TeLC has long years experiences:
  • Tool Dynamometers: Cutting force measurement and -observation in drilling, turning and milling processes
  • Material test machines
  • Mechatronics Training, using injection moulding machine and material test presses
  • Process Trainers with Automatic Control
  • Automated Processcells
  • Automotive: Engine teststands with realtime indicating, fully variable valves actuator, fuel consumption meter
  • Functional Engines for Tester practice training
  • Building techniques: Model-house-heating, heatpump, solarcollector, windenergy generators
  • Experimenting bench for plumbing, drainage, fluid circuits, heat exchange, heaters and sanitation devices with preprepared test circuitries, assembly boards
  • Airconditioning
  • Machine techniques: Piston-compressor, fan, centrifugal pump, axial pump-turbine
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