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14:16 / 29.01.2022
printable version Aircondition test stand
Aircondition test stand

Aircondition unit in industrial segmented design with modern steam humidifying, cold water coolers / dehumidifiers and detailed measuring devices. Wide range of airtreatment through combination of 2 treating units: One for the production of the environmental condition, the second for the conditioning of the entry situation. The entry situation is independant from the room or the outside climate. The two conditioners contain the same treating equipment. The cold water generator for the cooling exists only once for the sharing or concentrated cooling only in the one or the other part. The cold water unit is very practical for the reversing and the measuring. Additional equipment like air mixing section or cooling tower are possible, also reduction of equipment.


Measuring and control systems:

All equipment is of industrial standard and grant for high efficiency, long life and little maintenance. Heaters, fan, humidifiers and valves are controlled by PC and touch-screen.
The measuring devices are digitally connected to the internal controller, sending serial data to the comprised portable PC. Stand control and data acquisition is performed by Windows-software. Measured quantities are:

  • Dry bulb temperature 0-120°C
  • Relative humidity, humidity rati
  • Volume and mass flow rates
  • Volume measurement of the condensate/ rain

Technical details:

Channel cross section size:
0.5m x 0.5m
Dimensions: 5.0m x 1.0m x 1.8m
Weight: 600 kg
Services: 400 V 3-ph. AC, cold water
1 Filter 11 Fow measure 21 Expansion valve
2 Cooler 12 Compressor 22 + 23 Steam generator 1 + 11
3 Elecric heater register 13 Condenser, watercooled 24 + 25 Proportioning valve
4 Vapour humidyfier

14 Evaporator, watercooled

26 Flow meter
5 Fan 15 Cold water pump 27 U-tube manometer
6 Flow rectifyer 16 Cold water motor valve 28 Wheel anemometer
7 Window screen 17 Pressure compensator 29 30 + 31 Temperature sensor
8 Post cooler 18 Filter-dryer 30 Humidity sensor
9 Post heater 19 Solenoid valve  

10 Post humidifyer

20 Viewglass  
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