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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
Hochstr. 8
D- 59425 Unna

phone.: +49 (0) 2303 239999
facs: +49 (0) 2303 239990

The unit is made for the practical test of heat isolating properties of different construction materials in the building technique. The unit provides different temperatures (athmospheres) at both sides of the testobject. The heating and cooling power for the stabilization of a temperature difference are measured. The temperature-difference is adjustable to deep minus temperatures. The outside athmosphere is variably movable.


Control technique:

Weather set, continual with simulator

Measuring technique:
  • Supports construction and isolation materials up to 500 mm thickness
  • Measuring face 1/4 m²
  • Difference-temperature inside/outside up to 50° C
  • Outside temperatures down to -30°
  • Variable outside wind situations (inbuilt fan with variable speed)
  • Anemometer und Thermometer with recorder
  • Energy meters

Technical details:

2.2m x 0.7m x 1.2m
Weight: 150 kg
Services: 240V AC
Keywords: Temperatures, temperature difference, athmospheres, characteristics of building materials, characteristics of construction materials, Anemometer, Thermometer, Energy meters
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