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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
Hochstr. 8
D- 59425 Unna

phone.: +49 (0) 2303 239999
facs: +49 (0) 2303 239990
  Material test press
Material test press

Hydraulically driven Universal Material Testpress 120 kN / 150 mm stroke for tensile-, compression-, hardness and technological tests of all kind.

Machine is equipped with fast and highly resolving electronic measure systems for force and travel and with electrically controllable actors.

Machine has got a controlsystem for speed, forcecreation, force start and ending, testcycles, testseries, operator guidance, software, etc

The inbuilt intelligency is operated from the touchscreen or the serially connected PC.

Singular is the Video Measure System for Contraction.

It allows the visualisation of the testspecimen , the measurement of the traverse contraction and the displaying of the „true“ stress during test run. Also image dokumentation in protcol is possible.

Software exists allready for numerous tests. Software can easily be changed / created by the user himself, e.g.:
  • tensile / compression test
  • bendin
  • wedge angle
  • deep drawing
  • punching
  • glueing
  • screws


Machine is available in table and compact version and can come with a huge selection of tools. For more details visit
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