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  Tandem 2 engines test cell

Engine test cell "Tandem 100kW / 6000 Rpm" includes a Diesel and a Gasoline engine, the one or other connectible with the power absorber just on knob-turn, so providing fast and profund comparison of both engine types with no need of resetting work.

Measurement not only of power and fuel consumption but also:

  • Exhaust gas temperatures
  • Energy losses by engine cooling
  • Average indicated pressures
  • Indicating graph as p-alpha and p-V- form
Tandem 2 engines test cell
Tandem is controlled by PC.
The measuring devices are digitally connected to the internal controller, sending data to an external PC. Stand control and data acquisition is performed by Windows-software. Measured quantities are:
  • Hydraulik brake 200 Nm created at lowest speeds
  • Installed engines ready for use
  • Movability and changeability also after combination at place
  • Starting and connecting of resp. engine by ignition turnkey
  • Closed engine cooling by means of heat exchanger against fresh water
  • Fuel supply through TeLC Fuel Consumption Meters
  • Display on operator panel for direct reading of torque, speed and fuel consumption
  • Control values readable from the original car combi Instruments
  • Load and speed control by mouse shift from of PC
  • Serial connection to external PC
  • Indicating
  • Control desk with incorporated PC
  • Modern engine technique software
  • Engine electronics trouble infliction svitches
  • Connection socket on every engine


The brake implements a safety guard system preventing over-speed and water-pressure-lacking. Turning and hot parts are shielded.

Electric supply: 240 V AC, 10 A
Cooling water supply at 100 kW: 4 - 5 m³/h
Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.7 m
Weight: 250 kg, combined rollable stands
Keywords: Engine test cell, Engine test stand, Engine test bed, automotive education, 4-cycle engine, 4-stroke engine
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