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Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
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  Hydrobrake sectioned version

Hydrobrake 100 kW / 6000 rpm in sectioned version is an engine test-
system for easy coupling of different engines.

  • Coupling by means of a plug-in flexible shaft
  • Frame connection by two bolts
  • Cooling water connection with thermostate of the brake
  • Fuel supply by TeLC fuel Consumption Meter
  • Load- and power control from brake panel or PC
  • Display in panel for direct indication of Torque, Revs. and fuel consumption
  • Remote power and load control from PC
  • Control and data acquisition by serially connected external PC
  • Indicating and other options
Functional engines, which are only operated under idling conditions , can easily be modified
for power- and consumption testing.

Modification of Functional engines:

  • Water / water heat exchanger with tube connection with water supply or brake
  • plug-in flywheel adaptor for flexible coupling shaft with brake
  • power controller is connected with the remote control drive of the brake
  • fuel supply tubes are connected with the TeLC fuel Consumption Meter

Engine- test- and Control- Software
Serially connected external PC allows control and data acquisition (see TeLC Engine-Test- and Control- Software)
Engine power is controlled with mouse shift with help of a positioning drive. Setpoint of speed is also set with mouse shift and kept constant with automatic controller.
Dissipating heat and power are transmitted to cooling water, controlled by automatic thermostate.

Keywords: Engine test cell, Engine test stand, Engine test bed, automotive education, 4-cycle engine, 4-stroke engine
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