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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
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  Solar Collector
Solar Collector
Natural solar radiation 0,5 m²
This test stand implements a solar collector for warm water generation. There are two different versions available: One for natural solar radiation and outdoor use and another for indoor use with artificial radiation. The scheme shows the build-up. T1,T2 and T3 are temperature sensors. Valve V1 controls the water flow-rate. V2 provides water outlet and V3 controls the water supply. The heat-up test demonstrates all influencing variables. The collector size is 0,5 (0,25) m², the flow direction is from down to up. The heated water flows into the accumulator. The pump sucks from the accumulator's bottom and feeds the water through a rotameter into the collector.
  • Accumulator 2l
  • Infeed and outlet of the water
  • Flow control
  • Impressive results are obtained within one hour with natural radiation.
  • Power absorption > 500 W/m²
  • Temperatures > 70° C
  • Artificial radiation with vitalux spectrality (nearly natural); 4 thyristor controlled lamps
  • Inclination horizontally and variable distance.
Solar Collector
Solar Collector
Solar Collector
Artificial radiation 0,25 m², 1200 W

Control and measuring systems:

The plant comprises usual sensors, connected to a long time data-logger with radio controlled clock. The logger can be connected serially to a PC and the logged and current data can be read out and evaluated with the included Windows-software. Measured quantities are:

  • 3 x Temperatures
  • Flow-rate
  • Real time calculation of derivative quantities i.e. power.


Moveable test stand, connectable to Heat pump.


Technical details:

Dimensions: 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m
Weight: 65 kg
Services: 240 VAC, water
Keywords: Regenerative Energies, Weather station, Solar collector, Solar plant, Solar cell, Heat Pump, Energy conversion, Water, Air
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